Monthly Archive: January 2015

Furniture Storage

Easily one of the most commonly stored category of items, storage almost seems to have been invented for the purpose of keeping furniture. With the right size unit, almost any piece of furniture can go into storage. There are, however, some important considerations that go along with furniture storage.

The first is humidity: Unless you live in the desert, you should seriously consider keeping your furniture in climate-controlled storage. That’s because almost every piece of furniture has sort of organic material on it, like wood or cloth. When there’s humidity within a contained area like a storage unit, mold and mildew can easily begin to flourish and spread. At the least damaging this will leave your furniture with an unfortunate smell, at the most it will eat through the organic materials are ruin your furniture.

In addition to climate control, it’s a good idea to keep your furniture up off the ground while in storage, which increase airflow and ventilation. Furniture can also be vulnerable to pests, which are best avoided inside interior storage facilities. Other good ideas for storing furniture include removing the legs from tables so that you can make more efficient use of space and covering furniture with a tarp to prevent scratching.