Monthly Archive: January 2016

Book Storage

If you’re planning on keeping some books in storage, the top precaution you can take is making sure those books stay dry. Like clothes and furniture, books are made of organic material and so are susceptible to damage from mold and mildew. If you live in an area where the humidity is liable to climb to 55 RH or above (and that would include almost everywhere in the U.S.) you should probably rent storage with climate control.

Apparel Storage

Another common category of items found in storage is clothing. Clothing should be stored in a box, a bin or in the shelves of a dresser. Items that can’t be folded or rolled up like suits, dresses and gowns can be kept safe under a plastic cover or in a bag. Pests and humidity are the biggest threats to clothing in storage, so if you have apparel that you greatly value, then you should look for interior, climate-controlled storage.

Electronic Storage

Similar to furniture, electronics are mostly vulnerable to the elements: Extreme hot and cold can damage their materials, while humidity can destroy their internal components. Dust is an additional concern, particularly to electronics with screens, which can be scratched by dust. Dust will also clog vents and can cause problems later on once you remove the units from storage. Climate controlled storage is also the best solution for keeping your electronics safe.