Top 10 reason people use self storage

Downsize your home

Many people are finding it necessary to move into smaller quarters nowadays, this means finding somewhere to store their extra furniture.


If you’ve ever had part of your home renovated you know how difficult it is to protect your furniture and how frustrating it can be trying to find places to move things temporarily. Self-storage, is necessary to keep your merchandise safe.

Death in the family

You might have the feeling that Grandparents antique furniture may fetch a pretty penny, but we can’t always part with the possessions of our loved ones.


Some people travel a lot for business – some simply for pleasure. If you find yourself globetrotting you might need a place to store your things, especially if you’ll be renting your home out while you’re away!

Life transitions

Let’s say your littlest is moving from the crib to a big-kid bed, but you aren’t sure you’re finished having kids yet. Self-storage is the simple way to hold onto baby furniture “just in case”.

Business documents

Some businesses just lend themselves to extra storage space. Accountants may hold onto their clients’ financial documents for up to seven years. Imagine how much paper that could add up to!


Going through a divorce typically means that one person takes their possessions (or splits them up) and moves to a smaller home/apartment. Often there just isn’t room there for everything; self-storage units are beneficial for these types of situations.

Hobbies / Equipment

Whether you’re an artist, or an outdoor sportsman with lots of outdoor equipment, or you practice some other hobby that requires equipment, you’ll need a convenient place to store it all.

Too much stuff

Some people just can’t let go of things – but once there’s no more room at home, or a line is drawn in the sand by fed-up family members, self-storage is the only compromise.

Time to sell

Real estate agents will drastically de-clutter a home to make it seem more spacious and enticing. This means finding a place for extra furniture temporarily.