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Premier TLC Self Storage Units in Shawnee Ok. Visit our Location or Contact Us. We beat all prices in Self Storage Shawnee Ok.

Our Location

Shawnee Ok, self storage units

Providing Storage Units located in Shawnee Ok,

We are creating a new standards in the self storage industry. Customers benefit from our professional approach to storage.
Featuring an attractive, convenient and secure facility, We continue to seek and change the association of self storage as a temporary holding place for rarely used things to a desirable, safe, and customer-oriented facility perfectly suited for maintaining and accessing valued personal and business possessions.

Trailer and RV Outdoor Parking

boat on trailer

Need a place to store your boat or RV? TLC Self Storage offers outdoor parking at our location in Shawnee, so you can access your vehicles any time during our normal operations.
No matter how large your boat or RV may be our storage facility can accommodate you.

Outdoor Parking for Boats and RVs

Our boat and RV storage offers the following features:

– Security Cameras
– Lighted Spaces
– Gravel Surface
– Uncovered Parking

We have storage options to fit every price point, and we would love to show you your options today.

Why our storage spaces are better than your driveway

A lot of boat and RV owners do not want to invest in the trailer,boat and RV storage.
While this is certainly an option to consider, it is not necessarily ideal. Here are some things to keep in mind:
– We have security cameras and staff members on hand to watch after your boat or RV
– We have the extra space to accommodate your vehicle without forcing your car onto the street
– We have a gated storage facility that is only accessible to our customers, not the general public

Contact us today to learn more about our boat and RV storage.

Why Use Our Facility?

Your Stuff is Safe

Whether you’re in the process of moving to a new place, or just need to clear out a spot for the car, keeping your stuff in a storage unit provides better safety than just keeping it at home. Not only will you be able to put a lock on your unit, storage facilities are often fenced for one way entry. They may also offer exterior lighting and surveillance cameras.

Storage Frees Up Space

Moving from one place to another can be a real hassle. Renting a storage unit will help make your move easier by giving you a convenient place to store boxes after they’re packed, but before you start moving. Living in a tiny, cramped space with boxes piled everywhere can be extremely frustrating. Opting for storage means you’ll have a secure place to store your boxes. You can pack completely prior to the move, and your actual move will take much less time.
Storage is also handy for hobbies you convinced your-self to start with but, never did. This will give you the option of getting those things out of the way until you can find time for them.

Cheap Storage Units Shawnee Ok

Our commitment to you:

We beat any self storage prices in the Shawnee area!


We provide Cheap Storage Units

Sometimes we all need some extra space. Perhaps your garage, basement or closet is extremely full with valuable items you simply can’t do without. Perhaps you’re undertaking a move into a new home and need a place to keep a few things for a few weeks. Maybe you’re renovating or remodeling a room in your home and can’t fit your furniture elsewhere. Or maybe you’ve decided to downsize into a smaller apartment to save money on rent or live in a more desirable part of town. Or perhaps you’re struck with some unfortunate circumstance—a flooded basement, a damage attic and need to move everything into a new space immediately. Whichever it is, there’s no solution more flexible, more affordable or more convenient than storage.

Finding the best price is important for anyone looking for a long term or short term investment in storage space. Filtering through different options, prices, and size unit of your choice, may take time. Renting a storage unit is an investment. We allow you to look at our location and online reviews before settling on the facility for you. We strive to make the best rate for your budget, Whether you’re planning your next move or just looking for a space to hold your items during home renovations, you have other things to worry about.